Mysterious Giant Phallic Monument Found In German Mountainside | "It's a "Shame" Says Mayor After It Vanished

Mysterious Giant Phallic Monument Found In German Mountainside | "It's a "Shame" Says Mayor After It Vanished

With a statue like this, it's hard to be surprised that people want to take pictures of it.

Every country is proud of its monuments. After all, it's a symbol of culture and heritage, one that also makes for an amazing backdrop when taking photos. But some monuments aren't the most conventional, yet they certainly receive a lot of attention. And the perfect example is one particular giant penis-shaped statue (yup, you read that right) on a mountainside in Bavaria, Germany. What adds to its charm is that it appeared out of nowhere a few years ago, according to Independent UK.  


The 7 ft (2.1m) high and 440 lbs (200kg) figure became a popular landmark for hikers on the GrĂ¼nten mountain with many speculating as to how it got to be there in the first place. Some local tales suggest that it was created as a prank birthday present for a young man whose family did not exactly appreciate the gift, and so the hefty sculpture was hauled up the mountain and left there. But with no one claiming ownership of the giant phallic statue, it became even more intriguing when it recently disappeared. Though visitors regularly share images of the statue online, the recent photos indicated that it had been chopped down, according to the German Allgaeuer Zeitung newspaper, per BBC News. All that was left was a small stump and some wood chips. 

Authorities in the Bavarian town of Kempten, who allowed the visitors to have their fun with it, were alerted to its disappearance and announced they had opened an investigation to find out what had happened to it. Given that even the online map service Google Maps had recognized the sculpture's status as a "cultural monument," this investigation was of great importance. However, according to the BBC, the officers weren't particularly sure what they would do if a culprit was found. "We don't know whether it is a criminal offence or not," police spokesman Holger Stabik told Allgaeuer Zeitung. He also mentioned that it would be difficult determining who the injured party was, as no one had laid claim on it. The mayor of nearby Rettenberg, Nikolaus Weissinger, said the disappearance of the sculpture was "a shame" at the time. 

But for those interested in still visiting and getting to see more of it, they can. Because while the final weekend of November 2020 saw it as wood chips, by the end of the first week of December, it was discovered that a new, slightly larger carving of male genitalia had been re-erected at the site, propped up with wooden beams, according to HuffPost




Looks like this cultural monument lives on and so does the pride of the people who live around it!





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