Mom In Coma, Battling Covid for 2 months, Woke Up A Day Before Family Decided To Pull The Plug: "Definitely A God Thing" 

Mom In Coma, Battling Covid for 2 months, Woke Up A Day Before Family Decided To Pull The Plug: "Definitely A God Thing" 

Lisa Martin and her family are shocked. They credit their faith for the recovery.

The global pandemic resulted in a year filled with uncertainties and panic for most people around the world. While many are still battling the health and financial issues caused by the ongoing pandemic, one woman from Georgia welcomed the new year in the most incredible way. 

According to People, Lisa Martin woke up from a coma just a day before her family planned to take her off life support. After her recovery, the hospital put out a post stating her unbelievable journey. They also posted a video of her leaving the hospital using a rolling walker while the medical staff cheered and applauded her. 


The woman now çalled the "miracle patient" was admitted to the  Memorial Satilla Health emergency room in Waycross in September 2020 due to COVID-19 complications. "Her amazing journey includes 59 days on a ventilator, 40 days in an induced coma, and surviving a frontal lobe stroke," wrote the hospital on Facebook.

It further stated, "On Oct. 20, Lisa was comatose, her eyes fixed," the post continued. "The hospital called in her family to say goodbye. They decided to give it 11 days before making a decision about removing her from the ventilator that was breathing for her. But God had other plans. On the eleventh day, Lisa broke through the sedatives and began tracking Jeff with her eyes and she moved her hand."


Lisa's recovery has left everyone in a shock. Though she still needs the assistance of a wheelchair and an oxygen cannula to help her lungs, the family is happy and thankful to see her progress.

"She can eat, talk, and do a lot of things independently. Mom proudly stated that she's able to tie her shoes!" said her daughter Madison.

She added, "The best way that I've heard this experience is like riding the Space Mountain roller coaster from Disney World. Our family had no idea what direction my mom's COVID journey was about to take. All the twists and turns and loops were overwhelming."


The grateful daughter credited her mother's recovery to their faith. "Did it suck for my mom to get COVID, almost die, and now fight to get back to having a normal life? Absolutely! But if God wanted to use my mom as an example on how to keep faith during struggles, dark times and hardships, then I thank God for using my mom," said Madison. 

Speaking of her ordeal, the mother of four stated, "I can't wrap my head around what all has happened. I am shocked but amongst all the overwhelming feelings, I feel like this is definitely a God thing." 

She went on to say that her painful experience paved way for a change in perspective.  "I got to a point where I felt like no one cared for me. I didn't have a lot of friends, my kids are all grown up and independent and my husband works all the time. I was lonely, but this experience has shown me how loved I truly am," said the 49-year-old. 


Meanwhile, her husband Jeff admitted he was not taking the virus seriously until she contracted it. However, he stated that his wife took proper precautions to prevent the virus. Unfortunately, Lisa contracted the virus after Jeff brought the virus "home from work." 

Jeff who now takes the illness seriously said, "I watched four people die while my wife was struggling," he says. "I know that doctors can treat patients medically, but healing comes from God. And I just ... I'm thankful that she lived, but I'm also just very aware of the pain of watching others who lost their family members to this."


He added, "And the shame of it all is, it's simple things: Just cover your face, maintain your space, wash your hands. That's simple stuff, but for some reason, we can't absorb that." He hopes his wife's story would encourage others who are going through similar odds. 



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