Long Faux Toenails Are All The Rage | Check Out These 12 Toenail Designs & Let Us Know If You Would Try Any Of Them

Long Faux Toenails Are All The Rage | Check Out These 12 Toenail Designs & Let Us Know If You Would Try Any Of Them

It's good to respect emerging fashion trends. But some of them, well, you just don't know what to make of it.

Fingernails, like any other fashion trend, has evolved through the decades. Whether it's fake nails, nail art, or nail jewels, people love experimenting with them. From corkscrew nails to selfie nails to vagina nails, we're only scratching the surface of how creative people can get. For example, at one point in time, some decided to get their sonograms painted on their nails. Others decided to put dead bugs on it. Did you know there was even a colored pencil nail trend, when people fashioned their nails into colored pencils? We've even had pimple nails where someone figured that making their nails look like it was going through puberty was a good idea. There is really no limit to the human imagination. 

But just when you thought that you can handle all the wacky fingernail ideas, someone was determined to surprise the world. The latest trend of growing or adding acrylic toenails is taking the world by storm... and we have no clue why. Given that it hardly sounds comfortable (not that fashion is supposed to be comfy), but how does one wear shoes or even walk around without it breaking off?  In fact, if you're wearing a fishnet stocking, how does it not tear? Well, we may not have the answers but we certainly can show you what it looks like. 







Some of these could double as weapons. But what's more is that when it's cold and your feet feel like ice, how is anyone with these toenails supposed to slide them into a nice pair of warm boots? Because if you're wearing flip-flops or open-toed shoes in the biting cold, you're going to have to worry about a lot more than just your toenails breaking.















But many are willing to go to great lengths for the sake of art and you have to admit, some of these actually don't look bad. It makes you wonder though. How much care do these require? Carey Scott, a nail artist in Columbus, Ohio, shared her input. "Maintaining acrylic on toenails does not require as much attention as it does when you have acrylic on your fingernails. The toenail grows at a much slower rate than fingernails, so balances aren’t needed as often," she told Today Style. "I enjoy having more space to be able to put more fun art on my toenails."
















So whether you like these long toenails or not, they certainly are a great ice-breaker. 



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