6 Traits Of Your Personality That Others Find Intimidating & What You Can Do About It

6 Traits Of Your Personality That Others Find Intimidating & What You Can Do About It

We don't always know what people think of us but if we keep a close eye, we might be able to figure out.

It's not easy to figure out what people think of us but they might leave us some clues with their body language or through other means. It's always a revelation to know how others see us. For instance, if people think of us as a pushover, they probably ignore things we say and dismiss them easily. On the contrary, if people thought of us as intimidating, they might keep their distance. 

If we keep a close eye, we might be able to read the signs that reveal what people really do think of us, especially if they think we are scary. However, there are some things we can rectify on our end as well. To do that, we'll first have to know what people find intimidating. Here are six character traits that people might find scary about you:  

1. You can't stand people who complain.  

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There are all kinds of people in the world and some might be more sensitive than others. But, if you are the sort of person who doesn't have the patience to listen to others' complaints, they are likely to perceive you as unsympathetic and heartless. It's possible that you prioritize things other than reflecting on or talking about the difficulties that life has thrown at you. Perhaps, you're a go-getter and expect others to be so as well. However, some people handle their issues better when they talk about it, so you could benefit from them. 

2. You are brutally honest. 

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As children, we are taught that honesty is a virtue. But the truth is that everyone tells white lies every now and then to either save their own skin or to protect people's feelings. For instance, a friend of yours has cooked something with love but it doesn't turn out great. If we are brutally honest and criticize them, instead of giving constructive feedback, they might be disheartened from ever trying something again. People like being appreciated for their effort even if they do not achieve the desired result. Yet, that doesn't mean you have to sugarcoat everything but it helps to read the room right. You can tell them what you're feeling but with compassion. 

3. You're strong-willed and opinionated. 

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When you set your mind to doing something, you accomplish it no matter what. You aren't scared of other people's opinions or doing something completely unconventional. You are also not afraid of telling people where you stand on things, even if it's against the norm. Even if people try to pull you down or if obstacles are thrown your way, you continue to power through with steadfast determination with your eye on the goal. As a result, others might find this intimidating about you if they don't share the same steely determination. However, it could do you a world of good, if you could step back and get another perspective that could help you in the long-run. 

4. You stick to your word. 

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As the adage goes: "Actions speak louder than words," and you exemplify this. When you're honest, committed, and strong-willed, you make sure that you keep your promises. It might be harder to do for others and they might be afraid of those who do. They might compare themselves to you and it could trigger their insecurities. It's not your fault if others aren't able to keep their word, of course, but this could be one of the reasons why others find you a little scary. 

5. You have no patience for small talk. 

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You might be someone who juggles a lot of balls in the air, and while you know how to be a good listener, you likely don't have time for small talk. You prefer if others didn't skirt around an issue and instead delved into it directly. As a result, you could come across as someone who is rude, or even as cold. Around the world, small talk and niceties are important elements for social bonding.  Whether it's your partner or your child, you are likely to tell them that they can talk to you about all the hard things in life. Perhaps, you initiate difficult conversations yourself and skip the small talk during those times, and get into the heart of the matter that is troubling your loved ones. 

6. You detest ignorant people.  

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One of your pet peeves might be that you can't stand those who don't put in the effort to read and learn more about the world. You're an open-minded person who keeps themselves updated by spending hours gaining more knowledge about the things that are important to you. Of course, different people can't have the same priorities and others might skip some of the information that they don't find important. You could benefit from telling them what you know instead of calling them ignorant. It's not easy to reason with unreasonable people but we can't be like them either. 

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