Bodybuilder Who Married His Doll "Cheated" On Her With A New Bizarre Object While She Was Away Being Repaired

Bodybuilder Who Married His Doll "Cheated" On Her With A New Bizarre Object While She Was Away Being Repaired

The couple finally achieved their marital bliss when they got married in December 2020. But while Yuri was alone on Christmas as his wife was being repaired, he found his new passion.

Yuri Tolochko, a bodybuilder from Kazakhstan, first gained worldwide fame when he announced his relationship with Margo, a sex doll. From their dating days to their engagement in 2019 to their long-awaited wedding in 2020, they received both support and criticism from people around the globe. Then came the news that the bodybuilder faced heartbreak as his wife "broke" just before Christmas. 

“She is broken — now she is being repaired. She’s in another city,” he had said, according to The Daily Star. “When she recovers, it will be a gift for both of us.” At the time, he had been hoping that she would be repaired and returned by January 7, 2020, the day when Christmas is celebrated in Kazakhstan. His plans for their Yuletide celebrations included staying at home with Margo and ordering “steaks and sushi” or having "some fun with friends."



However, despite awaiting his beloved's return, Yuri seems to have "cheated" on her with a bizarre object, as per Mirror UK. During her time away, he posted a video on Instagram of himself touching a silver object with small ridges while wearing nothing but his underwear, reported The Daily Star. Yuri told his 99,000 followers, “Looks like I've got a new passion.” When one follower asked him, “Hey…Are you cheating on your wife?!", he responded by saying, "maybe" and added that “I can’t stand while she’s in the hospital.”


The social media user also said, “You gotta spread your seed.” Another follower added, “Somehow I don’t think your wife would have much to say about it all anyway.” Commenting on the video, Yuri claimed his new companion is “wonderful.” The object in the video did leave a lot of people questioning what the object was exactly, but many shared their support for him.


Yuri had first met Margo in a bar when she was being attacked by another man and he jumped to her rescue. Before he knew it, he was falling in love with her. To him, she is like any other human, and he mentioned that they even fought like normal couples. "She can't walk by herself," he said. He added that "she swears but there is [sic] tender soul inside" and loves Georgian cuisine. "Her favorite dish is khinkali," he added. He also calls himself “pansexual,” meaning he can fall in love with, “A soul, an image, a character, or a person. I like the process of sex itself. And gender, sexual orientation is not particularly important here," according to EuroNewsWeekly.






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