6 Body Language Signs Of Couples That Reveal How Strong Your Relationship Is

6 Body Language Signs Of Couples That Reveal How Strong Your Relationship Is

Words aren't the only telling signs because your body language could also be a dead giveaway.

The lengthy amount of time that couples spend together eventually leads them to know each other's mannerisms and habits. Some would say that they know their partner inside out but does this knowledge help bring them closer or ends up driving a wedge between them? Now, you could be someone who knows exactly where the relationship is heading. However, there are others who are unsure about the same and mostly avoid opening up to their partner. Words aren't the only telling signs because your body language could also be a dead giveaway.

It can reveal whatever's going on in your mind or how close you and your partner are and even how the relationship would fare in the future. Experts have been repeatedly analyzing the body language of several celebrities to understand it better and figure out who actually wears the pants in the relationship. These famous people are humans after all and thus, this analysis might apply to us as well, irrespective of whether one is rich and famous. Below mentioned are six body languages that tell a lot about one's relationship.

1. Placing one's arm around the shoulder



Therapist Terri Orbuch, Ph.D., tells Women's Health Mag that irrespective of whether you are sitting or walking when you put your arms around your partner's shoulder, it is a loving gesture. Orbuch, a professor at Oakland University in Michigan, and author of 5 Simple Steps to Take Your Marriage from Good to Great explains, "They’re trying to be more physically close to you by drawing you into them."  If this gesture is displayed by your partner often, it reveals they are not just protective of you, but also take the right to be honest with you as an equal partner. They would rather tell you truths that hurt rather than pretend to say things that boost your ego but harm your soul.

2. Holding hands most of the time

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Although this is a classic gesture of lovebirds, not every couple does it. "Touch symbolizes intimacy, emotional closeness, and happiness in a relationship," explains, Orbuch. So if you find yourself often holding your partner's hand, it could mean that you are incredibly close. Even the space between you is a telling sign. "Most people have a radius of about a foot and a half around us that is our personal space," she says, "and if you let someone into that it indicates intimacy." "So, when you're holding your partner's hands and are so close that your shoulders brush, it indicates more intimacy than when there's a gap between you two. When there’s a big gap between people, even if they’re holding hands, I think of them more like friends," she added.

3. Pat on the back

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If you have achieved something great and your partner is literally patting you on the back instead of embracing you, there's definitely a problem. "If your partner begins to pat you on the back during a hug, it immediately desexualizes it. Let's face it, you and your partner aren't just teammates," Patti Wood, a body language expert and author of SNAP: Making the Most of First Impressions, Body Language, and Charisma, told GoodHousekeeping.com. While this might come across as patronizing to some, between a mutually respectful couple, this gesture signifies certain confidence and unsaid code that exists between couples who act as a team. They signify the partners' willingness to take on the world together. It is more of "us and the world rather than you vs me."

4. Hands placed behind the back



While not everyone agrees on what this gesture means, most see it as a power move by one partner who placed their hand behind the other's back when they stand up or when leading them while walking. But there are others who think that this is a sign of caring, comfort, and emotional closeness. "You’re reaching out to that person and symbolically helping them up or into a room in a positive way," said Orbuch. 

When done in public, this also hints at a healthy tinge of territorial behavior by a romantically involved partner. They don't just care for you, but they are not afraid to tell the world that they got your back, irrespective of personal differences.

5. Kissing 



This had to be one of the most obvious signs but not always. If you're only pecking on the lips rather than kissing deeply, it tells a lot about what kind of relations you have with your partner. It's obvious that you two are romantically involved when you spend a long time kissing. 

A simple peck on the cheek is mostly meant for friends and greeting others but kisses on the forehead do not have any clear connotation. "Personally, I think it is a sign of more power and status for the kisser. Parents do that to children, older people do it to younger, smaller people," notes Orbuch. "Or it means I have something over you—‘I have more wisdom so I kiss you on the forehead.’ It’s a sign of experience or expertise and an imbalance in status, and I don’t think of a romantic relationship involving kisses on the forehead longterm," she added.

But kissing on the cheek, our hand, and at times, the forehead, too, is a sign of emotional intimacy that is beyond physical attraction.

6. Standing beside each other



Standing side by side doesn't necessarily mean that you don't really like each other. However, when your bodies are turned towards each other it indicates that the likeness is more, according to Orbuch. If you're at a party and standing together, leaning towards and glancing at each other, it is definitely a public show of intimacy. Let's not forget that you are choosing each other's company over others. If your partner or you tend to sit facing each other, try to switch positions when things get confrontational. This change in place can make you both see a common solution rather than believe you need to attack each other to win the argument.


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